7 Money Mistakes to Avoid While Traveling Abroad

You may be exhausted with your daily, monotonous life. You might have

9 Ways to Save Money on Travel!
9 Ways to Save Money on Travel!

planned to travel abroad, but there are specific tips that you need to follow for a safe and happy trip.

Apart from the itinerary and suitcase, you need an effective and efficient financial plan to avoid the common yet costly money mistakes while traveling abroad. Another thing you should keep in your mind is the transportation.

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#1: Forgetting to Let Your Bank Know 

You might well have forgotten to intimate your bank about the travel plan, and the thought might cross your mind once your flight lands abroad. But that would be too late to put you in an awkward position. These days most banks have zero lag time to spot the location of usage of debit or credit cards, and your card might be blocked in the first swipe in the foreign nation. This would leave you stranded among unfamiliar people.

#2: Not Adding International Roaming Plan for Your Phone

You might be traveling, and usage of the internet would be minimum. But the few email checks and browsing the map to get around can cost you a fortune if you are using your base mobile plan. It is always better to opt for an international roaming plan as per your service provider and avoid this costly mistake.

#3: Carrying Traveler’s Check

You might have spent a generous period to obtain these traveler’s checks to meet up the expenses in a foreign land, but the traveler’s check is not accepted everywhere. Obtaining a traveler’s check is neither cheap nor easy. You have to spend a long time in the bank to obtain them but does not find fruitful application while you travel. Instead, credit cards are more acceptable.

#4: Assuming on How Much to Tip

The custom of tipping varies from place to place. Not having sufficient knowledge of tipping at your destination can be expensive and awkward at times. In certain countries like Brazil, the customary ten percent tip is already included in restaurant bills. Of you were ignorant of this fact, you might have ended up paying double. It is always better to research the tipping practices prevalent at your travel destination before your trip.

#5: Leaving Valuables Unsecured

This is the most common mistake that you might commit while being abroad. Leaving all your cash in the wallet is not a good option. Rather you can secure your valuables by keeping them at different places. You can also carry your backpack in the front to avoid pickpocketing in crowded buses or trams.

#6: Using Public Wi-Fi for Financial Transactions

To your phone bill, you might be induced to use the public Wi-Fi to make online financial transactions or view bank balances. Even certain hotel Wi-Fi systems are spooked with keystroke loggers by hackers, and that leaves you vulnerable.

#7: Exchanging Currency at First Airport Kiosk

When you visit a foreign land, you do need the local currency. The biggest mistake is exchanging money at the first kiosk that you see at the airport. Instead, head for an ATM or bank where you can get competitive exchange rates. Even you can use the universal currencies like dollar or euro as most departmental stores accept them.

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Wrapping Up

If you can follow these tips, you can effectively reduce your financial burden and enjoy the trip. By avoiding these mistakes, you can reduce the financial hassles and enjoy the trip.