Lawsuit Settlement Funding, What Is It? Is It A Loan

Lawsuit Settlement Funding is also known as Pre-Settlement Funding.  Many people refer to this as Lawsuit Loans, however;  that is actually incorrect.  Pre-Settlement Funding requires no credit check, income verification or repayment if you lose your case.

Tell Me More About Lawsuit Settlement Funding

Ok, unfortunately you have suffered some sort of personal injury situation or the loss of a loved one.  This process is hard enough going at it alone, and then the ramifications of a pending lawsuit that isn’t settled yet can be even more painful because you don’t have access to much needed money to help you live your life before the lawsuit settles.

Where can I obtain a Lawsuit Loan, Fast and Easy?

Mayfield Settlement Funding is a premier provider of litigation funding (aka Pre-settlement funding) or Lawsuit Settlement Funding.  They are self funding their clients, so there are no unnecessary delays.  Typically the loan can be put through within 24 hours of the application.

How Can I speed up the Application Process?

This is very easy, simply give Mayfield Settlement Funding a call.  Typically if you submit an online application, they will need to get in touch with you in person to be able to  verify your application.  This will simply speed up the process in case there are any issues getting in touch with each other.

If you are interested, please visit Mayfield Settlement Funding or call their toll free number today at 18888008400

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