Signing a Medical Lien: A Nightmare You Won’t Wake up From

Numerous injury accidents in Los Angeles, happen every year. Some of these car accident cause catastrophic injury to victims. Not knowing your options after a car collision could hurt your settlement. Educating yourself could help to avoid fatal mistakes that may have otherwise wrecked your personal injury claim.

If you decide to sign a medical lien you will obligate your personal injury attorneys in Los Angeles to pay your medical bills from your settlement. So why is this bad? You were going to pay for treatment anyway. In theory, a medical lien appears harmless. In reality, you could end paying more money for your treatments that you received from your settlement. When treating on a lien there is no oversight as to how appropriate the treatment is. Some will over treat, over charge, or both. If you do not have anyone (such as your healthcare provider), that over sees the appropriateness of your treatment you are at the mercy of your medical facility.

Regardless of your decision, Injured California accident victims should always receive treatment for their injuries. It is important to your well-being that you do receive treatment and make a full recovery. If your injuries get worse by your own neglect, you will be held responsible for your worsened personal injuries.

Injured California Residents Can Receive a Free Personal Injury Book

If you or a loved one has been injured in a California car accident, you are eligible to receive a free book, The Seven Fatal Mistakes That Can Wreck Your California Personal Injury Accident. This book is valued at $14.99 but offered free to injured victims. Inside the book, you will find important information that every car accident victims should have.

Get Help with Your Los Angeles Personal Injury Accident

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