Why Upstate New York Real Estate for Your Vacation or Primary Home?

Even those who enjoy city life need an escape every once in a while.  If you are looking for a peaceful, quiet place to build or buy a vacation or primary home, consider Upstate New York real estate.  The beauty of the Catskill Mountains combined with dozens of lakes, forested tracts of land and spaciousness make this an area where you can enjoy an atmosphere of old-fashioned charm.

Upstate New York real estate is where many people choose to build a cozy cottage or rustic cabin for those weekends and vacation days.  Whether you’re in the market for a small get-away that you and your spouse will enjoy or want a spacious farm house offering an open floor plan and plenty of room to roam, you will find that Upstate New York real estate has it all.  Lots of salvaged and reclaimed wood goes in to building these homes; those looking for a comfortable home that says “come in and stay awhile” will love these charming homesteads where everything old is new again.

It’s really hard to say whether you will enjoy the “new” old-fashioned homes more or the peaceful solitude and picturesque beauty of the land.  The combination of both create an atmosphere that leans toward the early 1900s for those who would enjoy turn-of-the-century appeal.  Upstate New York real estate is where you will not find homes crowded side by side like canned sardines; plenty of privacy and a quiet, old-fashioned setting allow you to relax and enjoy what life is really all about.

The area is well-known for its beauty and quiet, but there is plenty to do when you’re ready to get out of the house.  Mountainous terrain allows for plenty of hiking and mountain climbing.  If you love to fish, snorkel, water ski or canoe, there are countless lakes you will enjoy.  Snow ski in winter months, ride your bike and take in the refreshing beauty or just enjoy the surroundings from your own cabin, cottage or traditional farm home.

There is just something about countryside that offers the charm and character of long ago, a relaxing, comfortable place where you can get away from noise, people and stress.  If you are searching for that perfect piece of land on which to build a vacation or primary home, come see what Upstate New York real estate has to offer before you make a decision you may regret later on.  This is unspoiled beauty at its best!

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