Pre-Settlement Funding – Get The Money You Need Without Risk!

If you are involved in a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit, you may find yourself short on money.  Pre-settlement funding is an option that allows you to get the funds you need for monthly household bills and other expenses with no risk involved.  If you have never heard of this or believe it may benefit you, read on.

Litigation funding companies offer financial aid to those who are involved in lawsuits and find themselves short on money.  Those involved in personal injury cases are particularly susceptible to this problem, as sometimes the injuries they sustained prevent them from working.  This means that money is short, and the monthly bills keep rolling in.  You don’t want to take out a loan at the bank, because you cannot afford another monthly payment – plus all of the red tape required to even get the money.

Pre-settlement funding is offered by companies who review the details of your lawsuit in order to determine if it merits you to acquire lawsuit loans.  While this term sounds as though you will be paying monthly installments, you do not.  You do not owe a dime to the litigation funding company until your case is final.  Even at that point, if for some reason you do not win you owe no money – not one dime – back to the company.  This helps put your mind at ease, knowing that if you do not prevail you will not owe yet another debt.

You may find yourself needing help with medical bills, attorney fees, household bills and perhaps even vehicle repair expenses.  Often, a litigant feels they must settle out of court with the insurance companies, simply because they feel they do not have the finances to continue so that the judge or jury can determine the outcome.  This often means that you end up with a considerably less amount of money than you would have won had you been able to proceed with your lawsuit.

If pre-settlement funding sounds like a plan that would benefit you and help you continue your lawsuit, it is a very simple and quick process.  If you qualify, you will receive your money the very next day.  Your attorney can submit the required paperwork, and you don’t have to worry about your credit ratings, previous employment or even bankruptcy – none of this affects whether or not you are eligible.

Are you involved in a lawsuit, but feel that your financial situation may force you to settle out of court?  Learn more online about litigation funding, or contact your attorney to determine if pre-settlement funding may be a good solution to your dilemma.  You should not settle with insurance companies for less than you really deserve unless you have exhausted all of your options!