Kansas City Royals And Kansas City Chiefs In Legal Scandal Involving Jackson Country Tax Money

This week, August 2, 2012, the Kansas City News reported a story under the headline; “Royals & Chiefs Caught In Taxpayer Scandal.” The piece says it has recently been leaked that the Kansas City Royals and the Kansas City Chiefs have been misusing Jackson Country tax money.

According to the story, the teams have a fund used for stadium renovations, but some of the money has been used recently for other purposes.

The Kansas City News explains that the teams are reimbursed through a fund for RMMO (repairs, maintenance, management and operations) expenses. The article notes: “This fund was designed to be used first to pay debt service on a $500 million bond approved for the recent upgrades and renovations for both Kauffman and Arrowhead stadiums. Rather than focus on repairs and maintenance, the two organizations are taking advantage of an amendment added to the stadium’s lease agreement that allows the RMMO funds to be used for ‘event day operations.’” (find out about the team from Jeff Siegel’s kansas city offer in compromise law firm)

The problem is, the Royals have used only nine percent of the $17 million RMMO funds they’ve extracted from taxpayers over the last five years for maintenance, and used some funds for payroll taxes.

The article reports the bottom line is that the Chiefs and Royals are using taxpayer money to reduce the cost of running their teams. Taxpayers’ funds are being used to fund payroll taxes, something that these funds were not intended for.

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