What Fairfax Drug Possession Lawyers Do to Protect Their Clients

When you have been arrested for possessing marijuana, heroine, methamphetamine or other illicit substances, you may feel there is no need to contact a Fairfax drug possession lawyer.  Perhaps you believe there is little an attorney could do for you, or that you simply don’t need to spend the money.  The fact is, skilled drug possession attorneys in Fairfax can do much more than you might think in protecting the legal rights, freedom and future of their clients.

Ultimately, the goal of your attorney is to prove you are innocent of the charges or to have the case dismissed.  However, when this outcome is not possible your Fairfax drug possession attorney will work diligently to have charges reduced, which may involve negotiating a plea bargain and fighting for penalties that are less harsh.  Experienced lawyers can often have charges dismissed against those who are guilty or innocent, because they are extremely familiar with and knowledgeable about the tactics used by law enforcement relating to an arrest, and the requirements upon those in law enforcement.

Fairfax drug possession lawyers analyze and review every detail in order to provide strong, effective support and guidance to their clients.  Your attorney will consider how your case was investigated and analyze the details of your arrest, along with reviewing how the evidence against you was secured.  Your rights may not be violated in the course of an investigation or subsequent arrest; when police do not follow proper procedures, it can often destroy or weaken the prosecutor’s case against you.

Because a Fairfax drug possession attorney is a skilled negotiator and litigator, even when an acquittal is not possible your lawyer may be able to negotiate a deal, or plea bargain so that you spend less time in jail, or pay reduced fines.  Most individuals on their own are not capable of effective negotiating.

Should your case go to trial, your Fairfax drug possession lawyer has the skill, experience and dedicated approach necessary to provide you with a solid defense.  In this capacity, your attorney will prepare you for the proceedings, and build a strategy to effectively combat that of the prosecution.  Not only does a defense strategy involve analyzing of the evidence, investigation and arrest, it involves effective cross-examination and choosing witnesses who are the most appropriate for weakening the prosecutor’s case.

If you have been arrested for possessing drugs in Fairfax, consult with a capable drug possession attorney right away so that he or she can begin work on your case immediately. Visit Clardy Tuomey’s website today to learn more about the benefits of using an experienced Fairfax drug possession defense law firm today!

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