Trucker Killed, Several Injured in Collision Between Tractor-Trailer and Amtrak Train

On Monday, July 11th of this year, a truck driver lost his life after driving his tractor-trailer in to the path of an oncoming Amtrak train in North Berwick, Maine.  While some of the 112 passengers of the Amtrak train were injured, none of the injuries were life-threatening according to Police Chief Stephen Peasley.

Stephen McCausland, spokesman for the Maine Department of Public Safety, stated that the truck clipped one of the gates which were down before the impact occurred.  There were approximately 200 feet of skid marks where the truck attempted to stop and skidded through the intersection.  Chief Peasley also stated that prior to the crash, gates were down at the intersection and safety lights were flashing according to witnesses of the fiery crash.

The engine of the Amtrak train was charred badly after flames reported to reach as high as three stories according to one witness and officials.  Both the train and the truck were set on fire.  Tom Gorski, who works near the intersection, stated that he heard the train approaching, followed by a massive boom that literally shook the building he was in.  When Gorski ran to the scene of the crash, the cab of the truck was split in half with each half on opposite sides of the track.  The train dragged the cab of the truck approximately 200 years after impact before being able to come to a stop.

Thanks to quick thinking by the engineer of the train, many lives were likely saved.  He jumped out of the locomotive after coming to a stop, then separated the burning engine from the cars carrying passengers, moving the engine further down the tracks in an effort to contain the fire and prevent its spread.

The identity of the driver of the truck was not released as of Monday pending notification of next of kin.  He worked hauling trash for a Massachusetts company, Triumvirate Environmental Inc.  Investigations were underway following the crash; it is not clear why the driver of the truck drove through the intersection.

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