Litigation Financing Offers a Solution for a Tight Budget

Have you considered filing a lawsuit, but don’t feel that you are financially able to do so?  Litigation financing offers help for those who want to file a claim, but certain financial obstacles make doing so questionable.  Pre-settlement funding may be just the solution to your problem.

Unlike loans you obtain from your bank, funding loans require no delving into personal information such as past employment and credit history.  Also, you don’t put up collateral – the money you expect to win in your settlement is considered collateral.  When you are awaiting the outcome of a pending lawsuit, you may need help with living expenses.

Most litigants who are already short on money cannot afford the added monthly payment that a traditional loan creates.  Litigation financing companies offer you the money you need upfront, with no monthly payments to put you further in debt.  You simply pay back a previously agreed upon amount when your lawsuit is final, if you do indeed win your case.  If you don’t, you owe absolutely no money to the funding company.

Other reasons that pre-settlement funding may be an option for you are many.  You may be out of work, have poor credit or even be facing foreclosure.  When you cannot pay your everyday household expenses, attorney fees and other debts while pursuing your lawsuit, it may be that getting an advance on your assumed settlement amount is a viable option.

Litigation financing is not a complicated process.  Your attorney will submit the details of your case to the settlement funding company.  It normally takes just a few hours for the company to determine if you are eligible.  If it is found that you do qualify, your money is available the very next morning.  You can also submit a form online to learn more about the details.

Personal injury cases are the most common type of lawsuit that clients are involved in when it comes to pre-settlement funding.  When you have been injured and cannot work, it makes it very difficult on you to pursue your lawsuit while trying to pay household bills and other expenses with little income coming in.  Contact your attorney at once, to see if litigation financing may provide you with the financial resources to pursue your case without adding to monthly debt.