Driving Above Speed Limit Text Messaging Troubled Teens

In some negative news which underscores the potential negative aspect or flip side of the coin we call technology, the driver of a car named Megan Obendorfe was driving above the local speed limit while she was “texting” very early in the morning on a Road in E. Brandywine Township while it was raining and a very bad accident ensued, according to the local news. A lawyer in Chester County in Pennsylvania state not far from the city of brotherly love. In addition to this, it is not now known if there was some oil on the road or if it was just the rain.

As it stands now, the particular suspect was apparently on her way to make a narcotics sale to a teen and also had teenage with her at the time. She was around 9 months pregnant at this time. This was a truly a calamity of major proportions. Perhaps there needs to be more troubled teens boarding schools in that specific area because those particular teens were indeed troubles and should have been at a boarding schools or anywhere but the highway.

In the awful events which unfolded, the victim and and her in utero infant died when the said suspect unfortunately smacked into a school bus which was luckily not carrying any teens at the time. She (the suspect) also suffered from some injuries as a result of the crash but was eventually treated there by medics and sent to the hospital for additional medical
treatment. her victim, however, was not as lucky. As an aside, sadly enouph.

It is hoped by some local residents there that this horrid calamity will help to initiate some action such as the state of New Jersey’s ban on the use of mobile phones while driving. State Police Superintendent Frank E. Pawlowski stated that they fully support taking action to prevent mobile phone use in cars.