Pre-Settlement Funding for Personal Injury Cases – Helping You Avoid Cheap Settlements

Pre-settlement Funding Lawsuit Loans

Pre-settlement Funding Lawsuit Loans

When you have been injured due to another party’s negligence, you may benefit from pre-settlement funding for your personal injury case.  Insurance companies often try to force you in to taking a lesser amount than you deserve.  Litigation financing is an option for those who need help in order to meet their bills for the duration of their case.

Lawsuit funding is an advantage that many people don’t know about.  When you file a suit for personal injuries you have received in an accident, it usually takes much longer than many people expect for it to settle.  This can create a financial hardship on your family.  If you are unable to work, this is especially true.

Auto accidents, slip and falls, spinal injuries – no matter what caused you to be injured, if a third party is responsible you deserve to be compensated.  Insurance companies know that serious cases usually take longer to settle.  They use this information to their advantage and try to persuade you in to settling for less money.

Pre-settlement funding is an option to help you remain financially stable throughout the duration of your case.  On the average, it takes months to settle a claim.  If a large company or corporation is involved, it may take years.  Personal injury lawsuit loans enable you to have the money you need for household bills, medical fees and other expenses while waiting for your claim to be determined.

Litigation financing companies offer this advance (it is not a loan) to people who meet the requirements.  Your attorney will submit the necessary information for the funding company to peruse.  If your case meets the requirements, you will usually have the money you need that same day.

The wonderful thing about lawsuit funding is that in the event you do not win your claim, you owe the litigation financing company nothing.  This helps ease some of the burden because you do not have to worry about another loan that must be repaid.  If you do win your case, you owe only the amount that was determined previously.  An attorney usually handles all of this for the plaintiff.

If you have been injured but fear that insurance companies are going to try to persuade you to settle for less, or you are having financial problems, consider pre-settlement funding.  It is a viable solution to help you avoid additional stress over finances when you are in pursuit of justice.  Litigation financing companies offer the help you need, when you need it.

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