Abandoned Vehicles Can Be a Real Problem – Free Towing by Professionals is The Best Solution!

If you have a business in Arizona, you may have found that abandoned vehicles are a real problem.  While you wouldn’t expect people to leave a car, truck or other vehicle that originally cost thousands of dollars just sitting on your property, it happens all the time.  Whether because it is inoperable or for other reasons, abandoned vehicles in Phoenix can not only make your property look cluttered, unkempt and downright junky, they can put you and your customers in danger, particularly when parked in areas where they are not supposed to be parked.

Abandoned vehicles can cause problems anywhere, whether you are a property owner or manager of a shopping mall, retail store, apartment complex, office complex, restaurant or other establishment.  Regardless of whether a vehicle has been abandoned, is inoperable or illegally parked, you want it removed – particularly if it’s been there for a while.  A towing and impound service can take care of the problem for you, and you never have to worry about paying to have a vehicle removed – after all, you’re not the one who left it there, so you shouldn’t be responsible for paying for towing!

Most business owners know that when it comes to abandoned vehicles, it’s important who you choose to remove them.  Not all towing and impound services offer drivers who are professional, experienced and safe.  In populated areas such as parking lots, it’s important that you choose someone who is skilled at loading and towing abandoned vehicles, so that other cars or people in close proximity are not put at risk.

In addition, consider a service that offers signage and installation, along with replacement, at no cost to you.  The towing and impound service you choose should also be willing to consult with you, so that you can rest assured the company is fully in compliance with all local and state laws.  Abandoned vehicles should be removed by professional drivers who will document all of the information, take pictures and do all that is necessary to ensure that you, as the property owner or manager, are not liable for the removal of the vehicle.

Are Phoenix abandoned vehicles a problem in your business?  Even when there is only one car, truck, van or SUV that’s been sitting on your property for days or even weeks, it detracts from a neat, professional appearance.  It may also be parked in areas designated for those who are handicapped, in “red” zones reserved for fire department or other emergency vehicles, or in the way of dumpsters.  Why put up with the headache, when you don’t have to?  Consult with professionals who tow and impound abandoned vehicles every day – and don’t pay a dime to clean up your property!

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