Choose the Kansas City DUI Attorney Who Represents You Carefully

When you have been arrested for driving under the influence, it is critical that you obtain the legal guidance and support of a skilled Kansas City DUI attorney right away. Do not speak with police or answer questions without the presence of your lawyer. This is essential; what you say CAN be used against you, or construed in a way that you did not intend. While you may believe that your guilt is apparent and there is no way out, a talented DUI lawyer knows how the justice system works, and how to obtain the best possible outcome for his or her client.

What will a Kansas City DUI lawyer do in order to have the charges against you reduced or even dismissed? First of all, the attorney will discuss the case thoroughly with you to make sure both of you are on the same page as far as the results you expect. Your lawyer will analyze all of the paperwork and test results (blood, alcohol, or sobriety tests), and may determine that it is necessary to interview witnesses, the arresting police officer, even lab technicians who handle blood tests or other evidence. It is essential that your attorney get a feeling for what actually happened, and how the evidence was handled.

If your case moves forward to trial, your Kansas City DUI attorney will questions many things, including the legality of the process followed by the officer who arrested you. Police often make mistakes; you may not have been read your rights, or breath/field sobriety tests may not have been properly conducted. There are also situations in which an individual may not be intoxicated at all, but rather suffering from a medical condition or over tiredness.

Many times breath tests are not properly calibrated, meaning the result may not be correct. Some pre-existing medical conditions can cause a high blood alcohol percentage to be registered, when it is actually not the case at all. Police also must have reasonable suspicion to pull an individual over, and cannot do so for no plausible reason.

Your Kansas City DUI lawyer will also work to ensure that if your driver’s license was suspended, you file an appeal within the allotted time allowed. A conviction for driving under the influence means severe penalties, which your attorney will give his utmost to help you avoid. Guilty or innocent, the most positive outcome can be obtained by having a compassionate and skilled attorney to provide you with legal guidance and effective representation.

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