Why an Alexandria DUI Defense Lawyer is Your Best Ally

Many people believe that when they’re pulled over and arrested for driving under the influence, they don’t need a lawyer.  The fact is, an Alexandria DUI defense lawyer is your best ally; operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs is a serious offense, one that leaves those convicted facing serious punishment.

In very DUI arrest in Virginia, there are numerous stages involved.  The average person usually doesn’t realize that police make mistakes in the course of an arrest on a fairly regular basis.  This can work to your advantage, particularly if you have a skilled and capable attorney who will challenge errors made, evidence collected unlawfully, or other issues which could lead to having the charge completely dismissed or reduced.

Being charged with driving under the influence does not end with a small fine and slap on the wrist – far from it.  Perhaps you were out with friends, attending a wedding reception, celebrating your anniversary or a birthday, or simply enjoying a rare night out; now you find yourself behind bars, a criminal defendant whose vehicle has been towed.  A compassionate Alexandria DUI attorney understands that for most people, being stopped for suspicion of DUI is stressful and even frightening.  It is critical that you use your right to remain silent in order to avoid further incriminating yourself, and contact a lawyer at once.

In an instant, your career, reputation, and future can be ruined – a “hangover” for life, so to speak.  Certain careers are out of the question for individuals who have a DUI conviction on their criminal record.  Not only will you face substantial fines and potential jail time, your driver’s license will be suspended which means no more running errands or running the kids from one practice or game to the next.  Suddenly, your life has been turned upside down and you find yourself in turmoil.  An experienced and capable Alexandria DUI defense attorney will work to protect your legal rights and freedom, working vigorously to avoid a conviction and the resulting criminal penalties.

Most people are not aware that in Virginia, DUI law is highly complex – and laws change constantly with penalties becoming more harsh all the time.  While it is becoming easier for prosecutors to secure a conviction, defendants often lack the knowledge essential to overcome the charges against them without a seasoned defense lawyer.  Is an Alexandria DUI lawyer your best ally when facing criminal charges of driving under the influence?  You bet.

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